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VIG Solar is committed to providing whole-home green solutions to homeowners and businesses that solve the current and upcoming energy problems in the Las Vegas Valley and beyond. Our goal is to make it simple with our team of consultants, financing options, installers, and our dedicated team of professionals. We will prepare the forms and paperwork needed for you to take advantage of all available local, state, and federal incentives, rebates, and tax credits. No jumping through hoops! We work with you, listen to your challenges and goals, provide options, and help you choose the solutions that are right for you. Once you’ve selected your plans, we’ll take it from there. You will enjoy the savings, convenience, security, and comfort of your energy-efficient, smart home.

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See why every 7 seconds, an American homeowner chooses SunPower as their trusted solar manufacturer. Their patent-pending technology saves you money on energy costs. And while it does that, solar also adds value to your home when you sell.

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The ONLY solar manufacturer who’s been in business longer than their warranty. SunPower’s 25-year Complete Confidence Warranty includes everything, including labor and shipping.