Why Us?

As a family owned company, we are dedicated to providing the best energy solutions to our community and beyond. We offer the best solar products, EV charging, HVAC and whole home automations creating your perfect smart home. It is our goal to make adopting green energy solutions easy by offering in-house financing and making sure that our customer get every local, state and federal incentive, tax credit and rebate that they are allowed, because we prepare all of the forms and paperwork for you. Our team is made up of master technicians, electricians, and plumbers with 30 years of combined experience. Let us help you cut your energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint — and save money now and long into the future!

Our goal is to turn every project we take on into a lifelong client relationship. We have the experience and expertise to help make your dream of having a smart, grid-independent home become a reality.

Demand Better Solar

Add value to your home & SAVE!

See why every 7 seconds an American homeowner chooses SunPower as their trusted solar manufacturer. Their patent pending technology saves you money on energy costs. And while it does that, solar also adds value to your home when you sell.

Complete Confidence Warranty

We’ve got you covered

The ONLY solar manufacture who’s been in business longer than their warranty. SunPower’s 25 year Complete Confidence Warranty includes everything including labor and shipping.


  • We are a small, local, two-family owned company.

  • One call, that’s all, for all your energy needs.

  • Our team is made up of master technicians, electricians, and plumbers with 30 years of combined experience.

  • We can trade your next power bill for your solar upgrade and you’ll never worry about rising power costs again.

  • We can make your entire home energy efficient.

  • We offer amazing warranties.

  • We have a referral program that can’t be beat.

  • Free, no obligation, total home energy consultation.

  • We work where we live. We care about our community.

  • We’ll fill out all the paperwork to get your tax credits and incentives.

  • Keep your home and family safe from grid blackouts.

  • We can upgrade your plumbing, electrical, and appliances too!

  • We build relationships with our customers because we care.