How It Works

customer using ev charger illustration

Electric vehicles are the wave of the future. When you drive an EV you’ll want the convenience and cost savings of charging at home. While public charges (Level 3) are faster than typical home chargers, finding one, planning the timing and waiting while your car charges is not the ideal scenario. VIG Solar can install a Level 2 charger in less than 7 days — giving you the ultimate convenience of charging on your schedule.

Qmerit Certified Installer

EV Charging Services You Can Trust

As a certified Qmerit EV charging installer, VIG Solar’s electricians are trained to perform the work to give you the convenience of at-home Level 2 charging while protecting your EV, property value and your family.

Qmerit Sets the Standard

Qmerit is the trusted home charging partner to premier automakers worldwide
and thousands of EV drivers like you. They set the industry standard for safety,
service quality, and customer support — plus every installation is backed by the
exclusive Qmerit Peace of Mind Guarantee.

Q Merit Certified Installer With Solar