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There’s no better time to go solar, and there’s no better company to go solar with. VIG Solar’s team of experts specialize in all things green, from complete solar system installation and maintenance to electric vehicle charging stations, and so much more. Our goal is to educate our customers, inspire the move to green energy and provide you with modern energy solutions, all while providing white-glove service, added-value, professionalism, and expertise that is unmatched.

Electrical Panels

Every home with electricity has an electrical panel. This panel distributes energy throughout your home, to every room of your house through your home’s wiring, light switches and outlets. When you add a green energy solar system to your home, this system is connected to your electrical panel. Modifications will need to be made to your electrical panel to make this connection. VIG Solar is a total home solution, so you won’t have to have an outside electrician make these modifications. We’ll do it as part of the total service we offer!

Electric Meters

Measuring the flow of electricity into and out of your home, an electric meter is part of every grid-connected home’s electrical system. In traditional energy homes, this meter is what measures your usage (the power that’s come into your home and has been used) and this information is used to produce your energy bills. In a solar powered home, this meter measures any additional grid-power that is needed in event of a deficiency, and measure the amount of excess power you send back to the grid, which will result in money in your pocket. Averaging 294 days per year of sunshine, southern Nevada is the perfect place to install power.

Introducing A Smarter Electric Panel


When homeowners decide to enhance the resilience of their home with battery storage, they often face a challenging choice: which electrical loads should be backed up during a power outage? Despite the considerable progress made in battery technology, storage systems have limited capacity to provide uninterrupted power for the entire home during extended outages.

By using the Span Home App, the priority of circuits that need backup can be modified in real-time during power outages. When the battery runs low, non-essential loads will automatically shut down, freeing up more capacity for critical loads. Moreover, Span offers transparency to homeowners by providing an estimated remaining time for backup power, based on their load priorities, battery capacity, and past usage trends within the home.

SPAN Electric Panel
Our solar panels withstand all sorts of weather