VIG Solar, a family owned solar electric and HVAC company, has launched a new application available to download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Stores. It assists customers in several ways: They can check on the status of their own solar installation at every stage of the project. Once their system is installed and producing, they can connect to the SunPower Monitoring (mysunpower) system directly through the VIG App. As thrilled as customers of VIG solar are, they want to add great reviews, and can do so directly from the app.

But one of the most exciting features of the app is the ability to refer customers to VIG Solar and earn rewards. The highest compliment VIG can get is a referral of a friend, neighbor, or family member. VIG Solar takes great care of customer’s friends, and they show their appreciation of referrals with a $500 Visa gift card for every person that is referred when they purchase a solar package. It starts with $25 for each Verified Referral that completes an in-person or virtual consultation with VIG. And once that referral makes the switch to solar or purchases a product from VIG Solar another $475 is rewarded.

How To Get Started

The VIG customer or promoter simply downloads the VIG Solar app from Apple App Store or Google Play Stores and select a sales rep (optional). They enter their contact information and agree to the terms. And they are ready to start sending referrals!

The user selects the product they would like to refer, add referral’s contact information, add a call back time or other info. Submit, and VIG Solar will do the rest!

The user can follow the Status of Referrals and Rewards on the app. Once the referral makes a purchase, it moves to a Sold Status. Notifications will alert the user when they receive rewards or when they’ve earned a bonus!

“We are thrilled to add this simple tool for our customers, enabling them to track their own solar power and also to refer others to VIG Solar for rewards,” stated George Teichman, CEO of VIG Solar. “More solar and other sustainable solutions are good for our community, country and the world!”

Offering high quality, best-in-class solar products with 25-year warranties, EV chargers, HVAC, and whole home automations VIG Solar helps create perfect smart homes. Their construction team is made up of master technicians, electricians, and plumbers with 30 years of combined experience. Their solutions may eliminate energy costs and will reduce the carbon footprint — customers save money now and long into the future! They are committed to providing whole-home green solutions to homeowners and businesses to solve the current and upcoming energy problems in the Las Vegas Valley and beyond. Referral will help VIG Solar spread the word of the benefits of solar and create a more sustainable community. To learn more, go to