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EV Charging Frequently Asked Questions

VIG Solar delivers best-of-industry project timelines (statement verified by BBB) — because when you buy something, you want it now. And we involve you formally in the project at important milestones, ensuring that you get the system you want. Our team is able to install your Level 2 charger in just a couple days! Don’t wait for the trickle, power up your home charging!

How fast can my Level 2 charger be installed?2023-07-01T19:54:12-05:00

VIG Solar is here to help! Our team can typically install a Level 2 charger in as little as 7-business days.

Can my charger be installed outside?2022-02-09T04:23:06-05:00

Yes, most residential EV chargers are water and dust resistant and designed to be installed and work outdoors.

What’s the cost?2022-02-09T04:22:47-05:00

Depends on type of installation, where the charger will be installed, if an MSP upgrade is needed. Our team of dedicated solar consultants are here to help you with a custom quote.

How fast will it charge?2022-02-09T04:22:30-05:00

Level 1 (regular plug) 2-5 MPH and Level 2 approximately 20 – 60 MPH. To learn more visit our How It Works section.

Plug vs. hardwiring?2022-02-09T04:22:14-05:00

Up to you – hardwiring typically allows for most amperage therefore fastest charging.

What if I need an MSP upgrade?2023-07-01T19:56:32-05:00

Your team at VIG Solar will take care of everything for you. From upgrades to permitting. To get started on your custom charger quote please contact us here.

What information do you require for my virtual quote?2022-02-09T04:21:08-05:00

During the virtual consultation, our engineers will need to see a picture of your main service panel, a picture of where you would like the charger, and what’s between them to get started.

Who does the permitting?2023-07-01T19:57:08-05:00

VIG Solar handles everything from installation to permitting so you have nothing to worry about. Our team are experts in all things solar + EV.

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